The Brand

Merchants of Beauty is a New York City based boutique candle brand that is elevating the candle experience through scent, design, and color.  Merchants of Beauty has reimagined scent through storytelling, designing sensory experiences around each candle.  Inspired by the world and the power of curating and reimaging your environment through meaningful objects, Merchants of Beauty has built a library of essences that you can reach for to inspire your day. 

We believe that meaningful objects can capture the essence of moments and memories, sparking conversation that can lead to your next great adventure.  We design collections that inspire your mood and inspire you to curate your environment.  Merchants of Beauty sees candles as vehicles to create meaningful experiences, transport through scent, and set your story in motion.  It is our hope that you find a bit of your essence in the collections we have designed

Founder Note

Ava Ghiotti is the founder and creative designer behind bespoke candle brand Merchants of Beauty.  She aims to make experiences tangible through a creative line of candles that each tells its own multi-sensory story. Through its distinct scent, color, and design, each candle captures the essence of moments and memories. 

A native New Yorker, Ava’s bold debut collection is inspired by the essence of NYC, capturing the heartbeat of the city with its modern, chic, and playful designs like “Burns Like a Bitch” and “4am NYC.” 

“My goal with each Merchants of Beauty candle is to provide an energetic spark to elevate your mood and inspire your next great adventure.” 

-Ava, Purveyor of Objects