A Lifestyle Brand

Curiosity Breeds Curation

I want to design objects that elevate your mood.

I want to design products that make you smile.

I want to share a little bit of my sass with you.

I design products that make experiences tangible.

I want to offer you a candle that you can make your own.

“Burns Like A Bitch,” sparked the beginning of a small, well-thought-out collection of sassy scented, fine fragrance candles. I design each candle around a phrase that resonates with an emotion or experience. The stories of our lives are all different but there is a certain relatability that collectively comes from our life experiences.

What you surround yourself with becomes part of your happiness …

With a love for laugher I set forth to design product collections that paired quality, functionality and personality all in one. Life is always better with a laugh and the products you surround yourself with should offer just that. Merchants of Beauty is a Lifestyle brand that inspires you to live the life you love through the products and wares you surround yourself with, and of course, encourages you to find your sass along the way.

Lifestyle With A Bit of HaHa

I love things. I love beautiful objects. I like clean lines and well-defined products, just as much as I like the complete opposite, objects that are non-symmetrical and have flow. I like pops of color, texture and products with personality. I like plays on words and phrases, I like products that connect you to a light-hearted attitude, make you smile, and shift your perspective. 

I didn’t set out to be a designer …

When I founded Merchants of Beauty, I didn’t set out to be a designer. I wanted to build a space that was curated by my experiences, travels and the objects I loved so much. I set out to work with artists whose work and styles I loved and other creative individuals who shared my love of objects. At some point, I took on the title of designer, but I like to think of myself more as a collaborator. None of this would be possible without the collaborations of other like-minded creative individuals who allowed me to express my vision, I am honored they choose to work with me. 

I hope you’ll pop in from time to time and check in

I’m Ava …

  • I love to travel, explore new cultures, travel to places off the beaten path – a baby monkey peed on me in Thailand, the best cheeseburger I have ever ate was in Tokyo
  • I live in New York City and I am addicted to the energy here, NYC has something magnetic about it that always draws me back in, despite that I am still a Wanderlust at heart
  • You can find me wandering around the city, attempting to take yoga classes that are too advanced for me, sipping some whiskey, playing bocce, and from time to time babysitting my cousins 5 year old twins; I dread the day they realize I’m actually not cool
  • If you catch me in front of the TV, I am most likely watching the Discovery Channel; I have a slight obsession with all things Alaska. Deadliest Catch and Naked and Afraid are also on the obsession list. If I have learned anything from these shows, it would be that I am far less resourceful than any of these amazing people and I should never attempt to catch my own crab or build myself a shelter.